Incarceration Helped Bring Crime Down By Michael Rushford Essay example

Incarceration Helped Bring Crime Down By Michael Rushford Essay example

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The prison system is another form of slavery that would function to keep the black race in a subordinate position. It is similar to slavery because it is in which cash is made by the misuse and mistreatment of individuals that are of middle and lower class groups, particularly African Americans. Incorporated into the prison industry are private correctional facilities, state imprisons, the way imprisons profit, outside organizations that profit off prisons. There was excessive arrest rates and overrepresentation in northern prisons that were seen by many whites - liberals and conservatives, northerners and southerners - as indisputable proof of blacks ' inferiority (Muhammad).
In the article, “Incarceration Helped Bring Crime Down”, the author Michael Rushford talks about how California has led the nation in implementing broad sentencing reforms three times over the last 50 years. Then he starts talking about utilizing F.B.I crime statistics to compare the national incarceration rate with the national violent crime rate from 1960 to 2008, suggests a correlation between the two rates (New York Tmes). In late 2011, California again reversed course, leading the nation with another sweeping alternative sentencing law called Public Safety Realignment, which releases “low level” felons to counties and requires county jail time and rehabilitation programs for convictions of most property felonies. Then he makes statement saying that crime increases enabled by this type of sentencing reform will result in a widely disproportionate number of murder, rape, robbery and drug addiction victims.
My response to this article is that if prison population is up then crime rate is down. It does make sense and it makes sense to other peopl...

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...dual, despite everything, they get some harsher disciplines then whites. Slavery has different definitions like a slave is forced to work under threat of physical or psychological threat, considered owned property, an asset or commodity which can be sold, and has restrictions on their liberties, including freedom of movement. Racial disparities in the criminal-justice system undermine groups of color, forestalling thousands by constraining voting rights and denying equal access to work, housing, public advantages, and education to millions more. Black offenders receive longer sentences compared to white offenders once convicted and African American women are three times more probable than white ladies to be imprisoned. My overall reaction to this is that it opened my mind to some new things that I didn’t know about and I think my views have definitely strengthened

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