Incarceration as a Form of Punishment Essay

Incarceration as a Form of Punishment Essay

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Incarceration is thought of as a positive form of punishment, and negative form of punishment. The opinion varies with the type of person, and their experience from jail if they have gone. Most inmates while in prison will tell you it is a horrible place that should be gone. That would allow criminals to be free and that would let them cause harm to others or other illegal activities. Incarceration was not designed to be a paradise, it is a detention center for the bad, and meant for them to be punished. Without jails the world would be filled with even more evil, and would leave people in more danger than they already are.
Incarceration is what makes those who have done bad appreciate what life has given them. “While driving through Indiana, we got out of the car and gazed at a cornfield… Freedom felt so good” (Vick 182). The little things such as even a car ride will feel so extravagant for an inmate who has done their time. Seeing family, and visiting is not just a regular activity, but a privilege that everyone takes for granted. Inmates are thought of as horrible people, but the small time they do can change their life, and everyone around them.
The transformation then brings a positive effect not only to the inmate being released, but the family getting back a loved one. One small modification then turns into a celebration as loved ones reunite together. The inmate gets to come together again, and see what they have missed due to horrible

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choices. The little time spent in time out makes a totally different person out of someone. The life of the person who has gone through the experience of incarceration goes through a huge change, and the change is an improvement.
Any person can change into someone that makes ve...

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...tion. “The guards are trained in use of force to keep
the prisoners safe from the dangerous people in the prison”(Jail Master). Having the dangerous people in control allows peace of mind, and a much more positive affect for inmates. The inmates are then capable to remain in peace while at the detention center.

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