Essay on The Inauguration Democratic National Convention

Essay on The Inauguration Democratic National Convention

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Rebuilding America
In the United States, citizens have the right, privilege, and duty to vote and take part in the community by electing representatives. The 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC) was a presidential nomination convention, held in Philadelphia from July 25 through July 28, 2016. On July 28, of 2016, Hillary Clinton gave a speech formally accepting the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton became the first lady nominee to lead the Democratic Part in the 2016 presidential election. She took the stage to the song “Fight Song” as the audience cheered passionately, while some cried and wiped their tears. Her campaign slogan “Stronger Together” was projected. Clinton laid out her plan for rebuilding the economy by talking about the need to take down corporations and creating job opportunities with raising wages for the working class. Clinton was targeting the party members, television members and voting public to elect her as president as she seized the opportunity to suggest that the United States is a great country and needs a leader like herself. As she mentioned her leadership ability to bring the nation together and lead to a better future. Clinton acceptance speech for the Democratic Presidential nomination is rhetoric effectively as she begins building her credibility with personal experiences, going back in history, citing convincing facts, and successfully engaging emotional appeals; in addition, throughout the speech, she used her opponent Donald Trump to strength her claim.
It was not random that the Democratic Convention would be held in Philadelphia as it is “the birthplace of our nation” where representatives from the thirteen colonies compromise and wrote the U.S Declaration of Independence. Cli...

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...hy Clinton reaching for the listeners and viewers and how that was important for her speech. The third helpful marginal comment had to do with ethos since the rhetorical analysis needs to talk about the three rhetorical appeals. I implemented the changes by analysis the paragraph and adding another paragraph talking about ethos and provided quotes that were analyzed. The fourth comment had to do with my paragraph being confusing because it had a lot of quotes that were not analyzed, so I decided to take some parts and keep quotes were significance to what the paragraph was talking about. And I analyzed the quotes more by providing details. The fifth comment had to do with my sentence style because the wording was difficult to follow. I implemented the change by deleting the sentence and adding another one with the same idea, but it was easy to follow and it flow.

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