Essay on Inappropriate Drug Use For Society

Essay on Inappropriate Drug Use For Society

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Inappropriate drug use causes loss of responsibility, illnesses, marriage difficulties, shorter life spans, financial struggles, theft, accidents, lack of parenting, bad role models and more laws. Now I’m not saying all the problems are only do to drugs and if there was appropriate drug use our society would be perfect, no I’m saying drug use in our society has made an impact and in this case not for the better. The cost of inappropriate drug use to society is something that many overlook and others simply don’t care to recognize
Many people associate inappropriate drug use with loss of responsibility. The user does not show up on time for work, or if they do they may not be able to work to the best of their ability since they are under the influence of a drug. The responsibilities at work are not meet and the individual does not get paid or perhaps gets laid off. Now the bills are not being payed, let’s hope there are no children or a spouse who relied upon them having a job to pay the bills. The person may go deeper into drug use, or just keep being irresponsible. The individual feels very little guilt about the tasks he/she did not fulfill and continues to put their focus on their drug use.
Inappropriate drug use leads to many different kinds of sicknesses. Depending on which drug there are several illnesses that follow. The person taking the drug may get the worst of the illness and or see the effects first hand. However, if there are particles that get airborne people around too can get sick. Most commonly people hear of second smoking, but this second hand effect can be applied to almost every drug. Also many inappropriate drug users pass needles along and get sick that way. One person may have AIDS and there is a little spe...

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...Young and old alike have a person to look up to sadly at times that role model is modeling bad behaviors and presenting bad habits, creating a society that is not improving but rather declining.
Laws are good they help keep people in check with their actions. However inappropriate drug users make it hard to not implement what most people see as common sense into a law that people pay to inforce. For example, you are not allowed to share prescription medication. Some people still do, and even though they don’t always get in trouble they still are being disobedient. The rule came into place to minimize people inappropriately using the prescribed medication. But there are people who share the same medication and if one of them forgot to bring their medication along on a trip they now have to go back and get their own, instead sharing the same drug just different dosage.

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