Inadequate Parking in College Campuses Essay examples

Inadequate Parking in College Campuses Essay examples

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Sheridan College rests at the bottom of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains, in a small, friendly Western town where everyone believes that everyone else is their neighbor and treats them as such. After a week at Sheridan College, I guarantee that any visitor would mistake it for Heaven; that is, except for one issue: the lack of parking on campus. Nearly every time in the past that I have attempted to locate a desirable parking spot, I have failed and have had to settle for a spot at least five minutes away from my intended location. After three semesters of frustration, I gained the necessary permission to research this predicament and present my findings in this report.

Sheridan College currently faces a problem which many campuses face nationwide: inadequate parking. This is due to a high student population (both residents and commuters) and too few spaces. Unfortunately, the effects of inadequate parking are a source of stress for students, staff, and visitors. This stress leads to more than just a headache; the unnecessary added stress can cause students to ultimately fail. Students who struggle to find parking also struggle in the classroom. Failure to find parking causes students to be late for class. Late students feel anxious. Anxious students have trouble focusing on their instructor during class time. Students who have difficulty paying attention in class, also have difficulty completing homework assignments and passing quizzes/exams. Students who cannot succeed in the classroom flunk out of school. If too many students fall into this vicious cycle, then the college falls into jeopardy. Given all of the problems associated with the lack of parking offered at Sheridan College, it was clear that this dilemma ...

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