Inadequate Nurse Staffing And The Effects On Nurses And Patients Essay

Inadequate Nurse Staffing And The Effects On Nurses And Patients Essay

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Inadequate Nurse Staffing and
The Effects on Nurses and Patients
Cody T. Barger
Baker University School of Nursing

Inadequate Nurse Staffing and The Effects on Nurses and Patients
Job dissatisfaction is four times higher for nurses than the average rate for all workers in the United States, and one in five nurses report that they intend to quit their jobs within a year. (Martin, 2015) The main reason for this job dissatisfaction is that nurse staffing is simply insufficient in almost all healthcare facilities. Inadequate nurse staffing is when the number of patients in a healthcare facility is far higher than the number of nurses, and nurses are not able to provide quality care. This has a negative effect on not only the nurses, but the patients as well. Inadequate nurse staffing leads to an increase in adverse patient events and patient mortality rates that could be avoided with an adequate amount of nurse staffing. This is not a recent issue and has been discussed many times, yet there is still nothing being done to solve the issue. There are many possible solutions that could be implemented, including government mandated nurse-to-patient ratios, hospital committees, and implementation of a resource nurse. If something is not done in order to solve the issue of inadequate nurse staffing, nurses and patients are going to continued to feel the negative effects, and the overall quality of healthcare in the United States is going to continue to get worse.
Inadequacy of nurse staffing has not only become an issue in recent years, but has been an issue for many years and has simply went without attention. In fact, nurse staffing issues have been being discussed since at least 2007, yet nothing has been done about...

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