In the Heat of Summer Essay

In the Heat of Summer Essay

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In the heat of summer, I was running down the street as if running from the heat was; but it wasn’t from the scorching sun, no, it was from a couple of big, tough looking boys. Who are they? Well, the one with umber-brown hair that reaches past his chin and periwinkle eyes, is Damian Cobaltite; the slightly taller young man with olive green hair and eyes is his right hand-hand man, Oliver Flint; the one with short amber hair and brown eyes on the left is Peter Amber. I had already passed more than three blocks and ended up going through a filthy alleyway only to end up at a dead end, wish I hadn’t taken that turn. Three, three dangerous boys, they were about 16 to17, around my age except a lot taller than me. I was pinned to a corner and I didn’t know what to do, all I could do was get up to face them face-to-face, but even so I did not get up. Damian Cobaltite, leader of the little gang had told me with a smirk, “Get up you freak, before I beat you to a pulp!” I had replied, “As much as I want to get up your still going to beat me up.” His smirk had been turned upside down. “Your still making witty remarks in this situation.” he said. He then pulled me up by the collar and sneered, “I’m going to wipe the floor with your face.” Just when he was about to punch me, his cronies had then exclaimed, “Someone’s coming!” A girl with long black hair, with two red clips attached to her left fringe, passed by; she seemed to have taken notice, because she had then came back. When I saw her I noticed she was very pale and had rosy cheeks. Even so, I felt chills running down my back as soon as I looked into her eyes, they were as red as blood. Damian was still holding me by the collar, he had then tried to explain what he was doing, “It looks ...

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...saw Lilith.
She was breathing heavily, her cheeks were red, and her hair was out of control. It looked as if she had ran here, but maybe it’s just my idea. At that moment, she took a deep breath in and then out. She had then mumbled something to herself that I could not understand; so I asked her what did she say, and she had, with cheeks that turned a very deep red rapidly in embarrassment, replied, “I SAID, THIS IS A WASTE OF MY TIME!” Just then, I had realized that she was worried about me. We had never even talked and yet she was worried about me just like how I was about her. She had then slumped onto the chair next to my bedside and sighed. I took a quick glance at her face, but I couldn’t tell what she was thinking about because it seems as though she is off on her own world. All I could tell was that she had very long eyelashes and beautiful pink glossy lips.

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