In Mill's Utilitarianism Essay

In Mill's Utilitarianism Essay

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In Mill’s Utilitarianism, he described what he defines what is happiness and unhappiness by using the greatest happiness principle. The greatest happiness principle is where the action is justified if it promotes happiness and is wrong when they promote the opposite of happiness. Happiness occurs when there are elements of intending pleasure and having an absence of pain. Since the elements of happiness are things that are ends in themselves, and the only thing is good. Happiness having no higher means of life makes other occurrences or experiences wanted only to a certain extent because it produces pleasure. The actions are considered good if they produce a great amount of happiness, and bad when they diminish it. Diminishing the amount of happiness is considered unhappiness, which is when pain and privation of pleasure is.
The principle of utility recognizes that there are different kinds of pleasure; some being more desirable and having higher value than others. Quality and quantity estimation is considered when it comes to measure pleasure. When deciding out of two pleasures, if ...

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