Essay on In God We Trust

Essay on In God We Trust

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Since a child I can remember being intrigued by the motto “In God we Trust” printed on dollar bills and engraved on coins. What God do we trust in? Is the God we trust in Jesus? Why do we trust in him? These were just a few questions that came to my mind. With all the greed and capitalistic corruption that exist in society, how could men war over money that reminds us “In God we Trust”.
I was under the assumption that this statement was symbolic of the authority God had within the system of commerce. Surely if God has no place in business, we would not proclaim our trust for him on the very currency we spend. I propose that it is ethically sound for the motto “In God We Trust” to be printed on our currency in the United States.
Have we forgotten the scriptures? The book of Ecclesiastes 10:19 states, “…? But money answereth all things.”? The scriptures have always expressed provision for the issues of man in this natural world. So is it far-fetched to believe that the very fabric of business is woven into the foundations of Judeo-Christian belief? For those that would say “no”, I then ask; why has this affirmation “Of God we Trust” still printed on our currency in the United States?
Obviously our founding fathers had a higher moral premise in mind when this was decided on. Taking these factors into consideration, has lead me to investigate the validity and value of this statement. Does the motto, “In God we Trust” prove to be an ethical fallacy as it relates to principals of business? To that question I say “no”. I will examine these question in my argumentative essay.

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Because of the increased religious sentiment existing during the Civil War. Ci...

... middle of paper ...

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