In Favor of Prohibiting Smoking in All Public Indoor Areas Essay example

In Favor of Prohibiting Smoking in All Public Indoor Areas Essay example

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In recent years, there have been widely differing and competing views on the issue of whether smoking in all public indoor areas should be banned or not. The argument in favor of such a ban stands at the perspective of public health. However, perhaps the strongest counter argument is that of individual freedom and liberty. Nevertheless, I remain firmly convinced that the government adopting such a prohibitionist approach is entirely justified.

Some people might claim that there appears no immediate, hazardous effect of smoking on those often with smokers closely. Over years, a number of surveys have been in quest of the causality between smoking and various fatal diseases. As it happened, passive smokers are found to develop heart attacks, strokes and cancers more easily and more rapidly, even comparing to an ordinary smoker. Such a ban on smoking can keep smokers away from some public areas. This can minimize the number of passive smokers and thereby the lives to be threatened. More importantly, our society can secure more places for people's healthy lifestyle, so the financial b...

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