The In Depth Interview Method Essay

The In Depth Interview Method Essay

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This paper aims to provide the best practice to implement effectively one of the most common methods of data collection: the in depth interview. Having already discussed the diversity of research methods to collect data, given the nature and insights of the in depth interview in the previous part (In depth interview: An important method of qualitative data collection), this guideline focuses on evolving a practical consideration in preparing, implementing and applying the in depth interview method.

• Necessary Actions to Have a Good Preparation for the Interview Process
 Take into consideration the number of interview subjects with regard to the purpose of the research.
 Contemplate the available and logistical resources: time and money, quality versus quantity
 Determine the expertise to conduct the interview or train the interviewers
 Consider the role and criteria of a good interviewer.
 Establish the personal contact
 Regard the ethical issues through the seven-stage of interviewing
 Deliberate the interview quality, the level of competence
 The choices of questions (open ended questions, probing questions are preferred)
 Determine the form of interviews: one-to-one interviews, focus group interviews, telephone interviews, electronic interviews.
 Guarantee a suitable location to interview (quite, private)
 Check the electronic device (microphone and the audio recorder)
 Prepare yourself prior engaging in the interview
 Be conscious of the differences in culture and bias
 Notice the interviewees about the study and principles of ethic (confidentiality, anonymity)
 Utilise the technical tools: The Ethnograph, Atlas.ti, Folio Views, NVivo

• A Practical Process of the Interv...

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...of the validity, reliability, generalisability and the improvement of the data quality are always necessary when interviewing. It is suggested to make a good preparation to overcome the issues affecting the data quality. (For more details, see Section: Necessary Actions to Have a Good Preparation for the Interview Process).
• Time consuming: It can take a lot of time to go through the process of interviewing. See the Section of “A Consideration of the Time Frames” to manage a good time line of conducting the data collection by the in depth interview.
• Participants versus Interviewers: Participants can cause difficulty in the interview (such as giving a long answer, changing their emotions, interviewing the interviewer, having memory problems). The interviewer must be trained adequately to be able to use the interview techniques in dealing with intricate situations.

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