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In A Different Voice by Carol Gilligan Essay

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Psychology is defined by Merriam-Webster, as the science of mind and behavior. It is a study of how an individual's psyche can be created, developed, altered or destroyed. Carol Gilligan, a Harvard Graduate School professor, for many years has analyzed the psychological theory and development, specifically in a book entitled In A Different Voice.
Through years of history women have been subjugated. They are seen as vehicles for reproduction and sexual objects. Yet this is a mentality that is directly related with moral theory. Since this is for the most part a male dominated society, women's views are often seen as less developed and sophisticated. Carol Gilligan identified that this can be described in certain "morality approaches". The male approach to morality is that individuals have certain basic rights, and that one has to respect the rights of others. The female approach to morality is that people have responsibilities towards others. Her studies portray that men illustrate a "dog eat dog" state of mind; by any means necessary they will acquire all that they can for their own personal gain. It also shows that women realize that people are here to assist one another. Gilligan outlined three stages of moral development; first being the pre-conventional (or selfish) stage, in which a person starts with the attitude that everything must benefit that individual only. Second is conventional morality, where the understanding emerges that it is wrong to act only in one's own interests, and that one should value the interests of others. Lastly, is post-conventional morality which is a combination ...

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Men and women are equal parts of society. So why are women treated like are less than men? Women should be treated with great dignity and respect. They should be given the same chances to advance and succeed in life as men. A man should not be paid more than a woman if they have the same qualifications. If anything, we should place women above men. Women have been oppressed for many centuries; not only as a gender, but also as individuals. A woman must also endure physical pain to ensure the propagation of the human race; this alone should be one of the reasons that they deserve greater admiration. They only way to find out how to reach one's full potential is to educate and communicate. Education and communication yield understanding.

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