Imrpoving the Ideas of Communication Essay

Imrpoving the Ideas of Communication Essay

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Humans have been talking and communicating for thousands of years. Verbal communication can draw its roots from the pre-Historic Era. However, communication has evolved over the past 5 eras of History. Some historic innovations of these eras include the inventions of computers, humanist ideas, the printing press, codex, and written language. All of these inventions have improved the spread of ideas and have made future innovations possible. Communication is constantly improving.
In the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, many civilizations have developed. One of these civilizations was ancient Sumer, the first civilization to have a written language. Written language was used in ancient times to keep records of information such as profit gained from goods and taxes. Writing has existed since 3,200 B.C. Since ancient Sumer, writing has developed in flourished all over the world in places like Mesoamerica, Egypt, China, and eventually Western Civilization. Written language has become extremely important because it allows us to communicate with others, record information, and spread ideas.
Before the classical era, people recorded information on stone tablets and scrolls. However, the Romans developed a better way to record written information. A codex is a book that is composed of sheets that are stacked on top of each other that are bound with a spine and contain written records. A codex is very similar to a modern book. They are much more efficient than scrolls because it allows the reader to access information in a random sequence instead of having to read a scroll in sequential order. The first Roman to use a codex was most likely Julius Caesar. Mayan civilizations invented their own codices in th...

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...taneously. Every time you check your Facebook page or visit the library, you are utilizing technology that took thousands of years to create and refine. This technology has given you the power to communicate your ideas and opinions with millions of people in a matter of seconds. Now it is your choice if you are going to use it to improve your life, or simplify watch funny cat videos on YouTube.

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