Impulse Thinking in the Works of William Shakespeare Essays

Impulse Thinking in the Works of William Shakespeare Essays

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Every day people make thousands of decisions. Some decisions are made without even having to think about them. Sometimes people make decisions out of anger, happiness, or depression. Choices can often be very impulsive. The meaning of impulsive is to think and react to any situation very fast. For example murder, excitement, or suicide can all be examples of acting impulsively. In Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado about Nothing, and West Side Story there are many situations of acting impulsively.
As stated in the intro, one act of impulsive thinking is suicide. Romeo and Juliet is a prime candidate of committing suicide in result of reacting impulsively. Romeo and Juliet is a famous love story about two young kids who have fallen in love. Towards the end of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo witnessed the supposed corpse of Juliet. Romeo was so madly in love with Juliet he could not think of a life that could be lived without her. Romeo was not aware Juliet was not really dead. In result of Romeo being madly in love and too young to manage the situation properly, Romeo killed himself. While Romeo wa...

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