Essay on Improving Youth 's Future Educational Success

Essay on Improving Youth 's Future Educational Success

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Giving students a grade that they have not earned hinders the youth’s future educational success. A number of schools are no longer giving a grade of zero on assignments, tests, and exams completed by students. While other school districts continue to give students the grade that is adequate for the work they have done or have not completed. Giving students the grade that equals their work is designed to show students where they need to improve. Many school boards want to stop giving out zeros for work that hasn’t been turned in and give a grade that rages around the “D” area keeping children from falling behind in their classes. By allowing student to pass through the school system the educational board is raising their graduation and success rate, but in the end there is no success in sending the youth into society unprepared.
By allowing this mode of grading all a student has to accomplish is the act of show up for class and whether they try or not they can still pass. What happens when students hear this new mode of grading and stop trying? What is the challenge of going to school and working hard, if they do not have to make sure they get all of their school work done to pass? Teachers will not need to try so hard to get their lecture through to their audience. Although allowing the no zero rule helps children in many ways, it hurts them in more ways. In society there are no grading scales, no one is going to give these young students an easy pass. If they cannot do what they are supposed to do in their career, then they will fail. These students need to understand the meaning of working hard to achieve in school, so they understand what it will be like with a job, or family. Most jobs run on a pass or fail scale. It is ea...

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Holding students back in the same grade, or sending students to summer school may not be the answer, but allowing students to pass through the system without fully teaching them is another handy cap for the youth of today. The present is just the beginning issue; the future is the bigger problem. The schooling board cannot give all of these passes to student so that they can boost their ratings and funding. The school board needs to find a way to teach all student on their level so that they can accomplish a passing grade with their own adequately graded work. In conclusion this new policy to help the students, is for the school districts ratings and funding, not about the students succeeding for a better future. Stop treating these children like they are going to break and start giving them the education and attention that they deserve to do better a be better.

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