Improving Writing Skills Has Been A School Wide Goal For The Last Six Years

Improving Writing Skills Has Been A School Wide Goal For The Last Six Years

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At the research site, improving writing skills has been a school wide goal for the last six years. Teachers are encouraged to teach writing skills in every classroom across the school. Many of the teachers are struggling with incorporating writing into their class, and other teachers do not even know where to begin. Writing assignments quickly become an after thought with the teacher saying something along the lines of “write an essay and proof read your work before you turn it in.”
Topic importance. Improving writing skills and proofreading skills of high school students has been discussed by many researchers all over the world. Students in high school today have almost an unlimited amount of information at their fingertips and practically live online. This online environment does not end when the students walk into the school building each morning; in fact, schools are increasing the amount of time students spend online every day. Several years ago, Granite School District introduced an online classroom for each teacher in the district. Every teacher has been trained to place lecture notes online, create assignments, send out announcements, and even give tests and quizzes through this online classroom. As more and more teachers begin to use this program on a daily basis, students are doing all kinds of school work online, almost every school day. This year, students’ involvement online for school has increased even more, at the research site, every English teacher in the school and several other teachers around the school have classroom sets of Chromebooks. Students are literally spending the entire class period online in some classes.
It is time that we use technology to help students learn, instead of distract the...

... middle of paper ... that is overly nitpicky and unnecessary, while others think and believe it is a vital part of the writing process. Proofreading needs to be looked at as an equally important step of the paper as any other part of the writing process, as a paper cannot be complete if the last and final step is skipped (Chromik, 2002). Will students be able to get help from teachers and writing centers on proofreading their work? Maybe. Access to teachers and writing centers will not always be available, so students must learn how to master proofreading for themselves.
Proofreading is a skill that will be necessary for a student to have after graduation from high school and college. If students are simply running a generic spell check on their written assignments before turning them in, they are missing out on important expertise that will be vital for the rest of their lives.

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