Improving The Total Cost Of Quality Essay

Improving The Total Cost Of Quality Essay

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To manage or reduce the total cost of quality, rigorous measurement techniques are a must for business organizations. There are a numerous types of quality methodologies that are used in today’s supply chains to ensure that the products and services received by the customer are of quality. The lists of qualities styles includes; Six Sigma, Lean Management, Lean Six Sigma, Agile Management, Total Quality Management, Just-In-Time, Kaizen, Poka-Yoka, and Process Excellence. Each of these quality styles share common elements such as the use of measurements and statistics, but provide variances in execution techniques. Selecting the correct quality management style depends on the type of operation and their strategic goals. This requires firms to review their weaknesses in their current procedures to determine what can be improved. This process may require completing failure tests on products to determine the weaknesses in a product. Firms must also analyze their strengths to gain a precise picture of how their operations are working. A review of current statistical measures and controls is also necessary to what should be measured and how statistical quality will be viewed. With a clear picture of the companies operation and an understanding of the goals, organization leaders can then begin the process of matching their strategy against the quality measurement methodologies. To minimize the selection process, firms may inquire into their failure reasons, or the life expectancies of their products. They may also review their methods of measuring performance levels to locate deviations in the quality of their products or their statistical controls for quality. With varying types of operations, firms are not limited to single q...

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...tical data that are produced that allows organizations the ability to measure their success standards. The standard themselves are established and defined by an organization 's leadership team and can vary by department or process. Samples of work are tested or reviewed to establish divergence from their base measurements to determine a success rate in meeting the desired guideline. The end results are then available to reference against historical data to determine trends and to forecast future results.

Improvement measurements for factors such as capital and time are the main reasons for implementing a quality management system within a supply chain. Above all it is important that firms identify ways in which to reduce their total costs of quality. This includes their internal and external failures and their investment into their good and bad types of quality.

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