Improving The Quality Of Education For At Risk Students Essay

Improving The Quality Of Education For At Risk Students Essay

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Improving the quality of education for at-risk students is a leading challenge in our educational system today. Learning difficulties, early exposure to domestic violence, and single-parent households are but a few hardships typical of being considered at-risk. From an early age at-risk students are confronted with a chain of difficulties in their attempts to meet academic, personal, and social success. Educational professionals need to be aware of and understand the ecology of the environment that has a deep influence and impact on the at-risk student’s success in school. Furthermore, Educators must respond to the needs of their students by creating socially responsive classrooms that offer a variety of instructional practices and methods that reduce the risks of school failure. In this paper, external factors and internal factors that constantly place at risk children for academic failure are identified. There will be focus on the high ranking factor of intense poverty that put students at risk A profile of effective specialists who respond to these external and internal factors, and are socially proficient is presented.

A major challenge in the educational system today is improving the quality of instruction for at-risk students in poverty. The majority of urban schools continue to face inequalities that impact learning and achievement. In both articles, “Use of the Science of What Works to Change the Odds for children At Risk" by Susan Neuman and "States Confront the Deepest Pockets of Poverty" by Kathy Christie, both authors attempt to understand why our school systems are failing at-risk students and then propose some examples on how to fix the system with innovative strategies.
Christie provides some specific ...

... middle of paper ... the inequalities we feel at-risk students receive. The effects of poverty, violence, family, and neighborhood conditions increase the likelihood that at-risk children will enter school without the skills, competencies, and emotional intellect they need to be successful. Furthermore, the link of these social conditions and hardships create great challenges for teachers in our attempts to provide equal access to educational opportunities for at-risk students. However, we believe that this challenge can be addressed when teachers take specific actions to develop and execute ideas, understanding, and methods that reflect diversity and cultural values such as preparing and implementing solid PEP’s for our at-risk students. In the end it is imperative that we as educators provide the best opportunity for all students to succeed whether they are labeled at-risk or not.

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