Essay on Improving The Health Of Your Population

Essay on Improving The Health Of Your Population

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Improving the health of your population

We are located in heart of the small town in Roseburg with population of about 22,000 according to 2010 census but we believe our catchment area might comprise of almost 50,000 from the surrounding area of the Douglas County. The population is primarily White (91%) followed by Latino/Hispanic (5%) and small percentage of Native Americans, Asians and others. Roseburg is also home for lot of retirees especially from Northern California area and hence we take care of significant number of geriatric population.

Being a specialty clinic comprised of orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians, our most of the time is utilized in providing direct care to our patients in clinic and in operating room. Honestly speaking after knowing that is only contribution to the 10% of the total pie, I personally want to invent ideas to make impact on population health as clearly what we do right now is not enough and we have potential and resources to make bigger impact in the society. After stating that fact honestly, I do however; believe that there are few things that we currently do that positively impact the population health.

Our clinic puts a lot of emphasis on smoking cessation. For fractures, smoking almost doubles the healing time and for people needing total joint procedures, smoking puts people at higher risk for getting infection after the total joints procedure. We not only counsel and provide resource to help people for smoking cessation, but also enforce one-month rule before doing total joint, which is the period they have to be tobacco free. Before the procedure we do Cotinine test and only if it is negative for nicotine metabolites, then patient can proceed to surgery. We do have se...

... middle of paper ... in mid fifties. We have also witnessed some physicians working long hectic hours to increase the revenue, thanks to pay for volume system. However, physicians’ productive life needs to be seen as a long marathon and physicians need to choose the steady pace rather than sprinting so that you can finish the marathon of your productive life. Quadruple aim is the reason to dissociate care from financial incentives so that we can increase the longevity of productive life of healthcare providers. WHO definition of health states that health is state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. When providers themselves are stressed out and develop aversion for their job, they do not meet WHO criteria of having disease free state and it will be futile expectation to expect healthy outcome from diseased providers.

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