Improving The Group And The Things About Group Project If There Is A Chance For A Start Over Again

Improving The Group And The Things About Group Project If There Is A Chance For A Start Over Again

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Based on the small group that I joined in communication class, I will talk about what is working well and what is getting in the way in our group. Then I will discuss about what I can do to improve the group and the things about group project if there is a chance for a start over again. At last, I am also going to talk about what I think that I learned is an important lesson in this semester.
At First, we are working well on roles. For example, in our five people group that three boys are the “Maintenance roles” which defined as “a group’s social atmosphere” (98). To be more specific, they will contact group members before group meetings to make sure that everyone finish their own parts. They are more socialize and always contact. On the other hand, two girls were more like “task roles” and “they help accomplish a group’s task.” (98). We always check our group work deadline. We divided works for our group members when we have group work. We are the roles for keeping the group on track. Then be on time in group meeting is getting in the way. When we just met each other first time, we...

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