Improving The Determinants Of Individual Job Performance Essay

Improving The Determinants Of Individual Job Performance Essay

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The next topic related to the issues that Twitter is facing is training and development. Training and development focuses on enhancing the determinants of individual job performance (Lee, 2016). One important part of this topic is the different types of analysis that focus on job training. One of these analysis, task analysis, has a main goal of determining the different KSAOs and tasks that an organization need to train their employees on (Lee, 2016). Another analysis used is person analysis. This type of analysis looks at which employees in the organization need training (Lee, 2016). Another important part of training and development is on-site training methods. This includes methods like job rotation where employees move to different parts of the company and apprenticeships where employees are in a formal program to learn a skilled trade (Lee, 2016).
Another important part of training and development is Kirkpatrick’s 4-Level model. The first part of this model is reaction criteria (Lee, 2016). This is when the organization gets the trainee’s impression of the training program (Le...

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