Improving The Classification Of Students With Learning Disabilities Schools

Improving The Classification Of Students With Learning Disabilities Schools

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In an effort to reduce the classification of students with learning disabilities schools have come up with unique ways to provide interventions and innovative ways to close the gap between students with disabilities and their typical peers. According to Freiberg (2015) “The ways in which students with learning disabilities are identified and served has been radically transformed with the passing of IDEA” (p.30). With the transformation, an increase in the number of students identified with learning disabilities has also increased. Such increases are seen as a result of shifting in reclassifications of students with disabilities. According to Freiberg (2015) recent research suggest that reading disabilities affect about fifteen percent of elementary school-aged children. This means that a lot of school-aged children are waltzing through the education tunnel without being identified. In an effort to help the students that have fallen through the cracks a high school in Massachusetts has implemented an innovative tutoring time built into their academic day.
In the article “Beyond special education: A new vision of academic support”, Mowschenson and Weintraub explain how this innovative tutoring program is quite different from the traditional special education services. Mowschenson and Weintraub point out that in years past the only way a student could receive academic support services was if they were identified as being eligible for sped services (2015). With that in mind, before the tutoring program Mowschenson and Weintraub reported that the Massachusetts school had an alarming increase of IEP’s for kids from affluent families (2015). When systems begin to have a major increase in certain eligibility categories it sends ...

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In conlusion, Unit 2 “Learning Disabilities” established a clear pictrue as to what exactly qualified a student for the eligibility of LD. While this classification has had many changes it has always included the area of reading disabilities. However, in the past there was a concern with number of students with learning disabilites identified within the public school settings. Identifited for reasons such as recieiving better accomodations on the SAT, or receiving extra time on state test. The eligibility of Learning Disabilites is usually paired with problems assosciatied with reading and/or writing. Turtorial progams such as the one implemented at BHS is helping students reach their full potential without having a label to do so. While instructional strategies are important ,students agreed the content knowledge is what helped them pass in the end.

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