Improving The Care Of Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease ( Ckd ) Essay

Improving The Care Of Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease ( Ckd ) Essay

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Over 70 million people in the world have chronic kidney disease (CKD). In order to slow disease progression and reducing adverse safety outcomes, CKD patients must get involved significantly in their healthcare to ensure that they integrate recommendation such as medication adherence, lifestyle changes and nutritional adaptation (Diamantidis & Becker, 2014). In “Health information technology (IT) to improve the care of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD)” (2014), authors Diamantidis and Becker discuss in a review the present and potential uses of health IT platforms to improve kidney disease care by proposing innovative solutions to advise, involve and communicate with individuals with chronic kidney disease. According to the article, 91% of the United States population owns a mobile device and 85% of adults utilize the Internet or email. Due to the growing numbers in technology, electronic devices are now being used by healthcare providers as a tool to communicate with their patients (Diamantidis & Becker, 2014).
In order to improve clinical outcomes in chronic disease, patients must become knowledgeable and communicate effectively with their healthcare providers. With the creation of applications and portals to health information, there is a plethora of medical information that is available to patients through the Internet. Mobile applications also help patients gain access and off better understanding of their diseases and the best practices available (Diamantidis & Becker, 2014). Though not all CKD patients have access to the Internet, those that do, utilize social media to share information. A large portion of the CKD population is older, of lower socioeconomic status and lack health literacy therefore, they are overlo...

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...d by as much as 86% (Menachemi & Collum, 2011).
Through my research, I have found it difficult to find many studies on the effects that EHRs have on preventive care and chronic care conditions. Though EHRs are very beneficial to patients and providers, their success rates have been low partly due to lack of research. However, the studies that do show that the implementation of the EHR has been successful, state that the contributing factors are due to the redesign of workflow processes, modifications in management, cooperation from providers and the implement of the EHR champion. The EHR champion is the leader for an IT project who handles the issues that appear during the implementation project. The presence of the EHR champion limits frustrations from the staff by being the problem solver and ensures that the implementation process minimally affects productivity.

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