Improving The Campus Network With A Vpn

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High performance computing connection is necessary to develop and increase the efficiency and the speed connection with low latency of the network. In the near future Jazan University (JU) is expected to deal with more than 56 thousand students at the end of this year, which means traffic and failures will always be there. Moreover, the need of security connection inside the campus become priority which is lead us to find a fast and private connection at the same time. This paper discusses the benefits of improving the campus network with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection starting with replacing the hardware and upgrading the infrastructure to make sure everything is secure enough for all the university campuses. The goal of this project is to use encrypted tunnel that transports data securely with zero crashed server and disconnect cables at Jazan University in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the size of Jazan University’s campus and how the campus has become more spread out the need for a high secure connection is necessary. This project is all about improving the network security of Jazan University in the City of Jazan. There are three main scenarios involved in this project. The first scenario is the current campus without the VPN connection to observe the bandwidth, latency, and packet loss. The second scenario is the whole campus with a VPN connection to test the security and observe the change of the workload. Finally, the unique scenario of this project is the centralized VPN connection between the other campuses of Jazan University including the far island campus to improve the network performance with the secure tunnels connection simultaneously. Before describing what others have done in this are... ... middle of paper ... ...ovides a comprehensive support service that makes the network deliver the required services. Considering the procedures and benefits that are associated with this form of network, it noted that similar implementation of the network is anticipated to be rolled out in other parts of the Kingdom. Collections of learning institutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have shown interest in implementing the network as a way of upgrading their current networks. They include and not limited to the University of Dammam, Najran University, Qassim University, Taibah University, Taif University, Al Jouf University, and the University of Tabuk. These are among the many learning institutions that are expected to benefits from the security of the virtual privat network and the new devises or services used in the development of the network; hence increasing operational speeds.

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