Improving Technology Investment Up And Running Smoothly Essay

Improving Technology Investment Up And Running Smoothly Essay

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A Computer Help Desk or Service Desk should be dedicated to keep our technology investment up and running smoothly. Our company needs to have assurance with their internal technology services. There will always be computer issues but it is important for the help desk team to guarantee they can reduce problems and keep the staff productive with the tools they need to continue to drive business forward.
The help desk is a tremendous resource of both cost efficiency, value, and support. When the help desk is operated properly, customer and employees are able to communicate and quickly have problems resolved. Our current Help Desk business model is to outsource a contract with a service provider who specializes in help desk design, implementation and managed services. However there are many concerns with this model as we continue to expand and build. With our current strategy we don’t have any managerial Control, the expenses are getting higher each year, and there are several departments complaining about the quality of personnel and support team. There have been many inquiries the have an internal help desk at each branch office to stabilize the on-going technical issues.
According to META Group, help desk outsourcing will continue to grow more than 30% annually. Throughout 2002 more than 65% of corporate help desks will use outsourcing to supplement or replace existing staff, due to outsourcer experience, increased leverage and the use of automation tools. (Meta Group, 2010) Most companies seemed dissatisfied with their current outsourcing arrangement. The report form the Information Services Group, found that 61% of outsourcing companies admitted to placing more emphasis on setting up their outsourcing contract than on mana...

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