Improving Teacher Instruction for Better Pupil Memory Essay

Improving Teacher Instruction for Better Pupil Memory Essay

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Human memory though much is known is still largely a mystery to those that study the brain and its functions. This is especially true for educators; each day brings in new and exciting research that can have a major impact on the teacher and their pupils. Before anything can be remembered it has to be processed or seen. At any one time, there is a limit to how much a school pupil can take in. The most ordinary everyday scene presents a huge battery of stimuli; the human system would be rapidly overloaded if it attended to each and every detail, this would lead to a frozen reaction or “paralysis through analysis.” Pupils could not walk the hallways to class if they had to pay attention to everything they are capable of seeing. Most who sit in the seats of our classrooms have perceptual systems geared to selection of significant details. To a great extent pupils see what they want to see, picking up a handful of cues and filling in the rest from memory and habit. A pupil’s attention is also influenced by internal states. Example, a hungry pupil will pick up food cues more readily than one that has just eaten and is satisfied. Add to the timeless fact of growling belly all the incredible forms of electronic equipment that school pupils have, and all the increases in social networking opportunities for each pupil, the average teacher is faced with the daunting task of motivating and instructing pupils to not only learn something but to make it stick and enable them to perform applications.
Foils to Pupil Retention
One major problem that exists in classrooms today is that a teacher is not only fighting the interruptions, and disruptions inherent in all classroom situations, but also the battle against life situations, and pre-existi...

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... reliable: one is a bun; two is a shoe; three is a tree; and so on. Most people in a short time can replace the numbers for words (Myers, 2002, p. 260).

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