Improving Student Attention And Focus Essay

Improving Student Attention And Focus Essay

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For my Mindfulness week I plan on focusing on improving student attention and focus. I teach high school level special education: subject areas-biology and chemistry. Most of my students have great difficulty with self-control and self –regulation. There is no shortage of ADD or ADHD in my classes! It is of great importance to me to mindfulness strategies to help my students learn to overcome or control their impulses; whether they are physical or verbal. Next year our school is moving to the NGSS standards for science and most of the curriculum revolves around guided inquiry, productive struggle, problem solving, real world issues etc… I’m extremely concerned about my student’s capabilities with these types of activities. With the exception of a few students, sustaining any kind of attention or focus is practically nonexistent in some of my classes. So it’s become a high priority for me to learn strategies that I can use with implementation of NGSS. Intended learning outcomes for students will be improved focus, attention to tasks, improvement in grasping directions and instructions and improved overall behavior and effort.
Objectives include:
1. Students will use daily intentions to improve attention and focus.
2. Students will learn and practice strategies to improve listening skills.
3. Students will learn to evaluate their effort and behavior by using a reflective journal.

Many of my students feel that nothing can help them. I hear all the time “It’s just the way I’m and I can’t help it, nothing works for me.” But, I believe that many of these strategies will help my students to overcome these issues but it will take awareness, effort and practice. Getting my students to “Buy-In” to the mindfulness philosophy will be diffi...

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... ADD- Awareness Drives Decisions, in that we can focus our awareness on the input we receive from our senses. We have the power to shape this process when we intentionally direct our attention (Jennings, p.14). Intention is the key word here, there has to be a genuine desire to make this kind of awareness happen. Assessing this kind of activity is difficult because it’s such a personal skill. During the week I would look for a concerted effort among my students, good participation and a positive attitude. As the year progresses, through observation it will be easier to identify whether any of these techniques have or are working. I know these kids very well and it will be easy for me to notice success. The key is to continue the encouragement and guidance needed so that the students can carry the mindfulness techniques they learned in the classroom into their future.

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