Improving Smooth Operation Of An Ecommerce Platform Essay

Improving Smooth Operation Of An Ecommerce Platform Essay

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As mentioned above, there is a need to have the infrastructure necessary in order to facilitate the smooth operation of an ecommerce platform. However, the platform will require an information system in order to be complete. An information system is a system that is organized for the purposes of collection, organization and storage of information which is used in communication. The main components in an information system are people and computers systems that process and interpret information. An information system can also be said to be the software that helps in the organization and analysis of data.
In order for an information system to be functional it requires to have the following in order to be operational.
Protocols: These are descriptions of the processes that data is supposed to follow in order to be processes as well as analysed in a bid to get answers from the system.
Hardware: Refers to computer systems in the system such as the computer devices and its peripherals
Software: As mentioned above, this is the program that is employed in the actual processing and analysis of data.
Network: These are the interconnections required in bringing different users to utilise the different elements in the system.
Database: This refers to where the information gathered or processed is stored for use.
An information system is significant in business because it enhances the development of new products or services and innovation of business models. They also support the decision making process and the development of customer and supplier relations. In addition, information systems are crucial to the efficiency in business operations which is an important aspect in creating a competitive advantage (Kakar, 2016:43).
• What are the types...

... middle of paper ... global business has become electronic or digital. In order to have a robust e-commerce business, an entrepreneur should have the prerequisite infrastructure in order to enjoy its benefits. On the other hand, it is imperative that a business should have an information system which compliments e-commerce through enhancement of efficiency. Different businesses have different requirements which imply that they will also require different information systems. However, it is important o incorporate different information systems where the operations call for the same. Through information systems, businesses are able to reduce on operation costs, avoid redundancy and wastages as well as enhance efficiency. Therefore, it is important that business leaders should embrace and take up new technologies in the growth of their businesses because these systems guarantee returns.

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