Improving Quality Of Life For Adults Living With Adhd Essay

Improving Quality Of Life For Adults Living With Adhd Essay

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Improving Quality of Life for Adults Living with ADHD
Kurt Anderson
Psychology 101.02—Introduction to Natural Psychology
Hampden-Sydney College
8 December 2014

Anyone who has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) can attest to its crippling nature. For a long time, ADHD was severely misunderstood. The early signs of ADHD could easily be mistaken for a list of strategies to land a spot in the Principal’s office: talking out of turn, trouble staying on task, impulsive decision making, overly social. For the general population, this was symptomatic of the stereotypical “trouble child” and would be dealt with accordingly; with a little extra “love” at school and home.
ADHD is hard to diagnose because the behaviors exhibited can be written off as kids just being kids, when the underlying condition is very treatable if recognized. Though individual cases vary, ADHD shows a combination of three root symptoms: impulsivity, restlessness, and issues paying attention (Bilkey, Surman, Weintraub, 2013). About 50% of children with ADHD eventually out grow and mature beyond the constraints of ADHD (Laber-Warren, 2014). A 2008 study of 98 young adults previously diagnosed with ADHD observed the connection between normal maturation and symptomatic severity. The study found those that had “grown out” of ADHD had really only developed ways to personally compensate for the deficiencies that ADHD causes with impulsivity and organization, though still had issues with focusing. The kids that hadn’t grown out of the disorder lacked the higher-level problem solving and mental harness that the adolescents who had out grown the disorder possessed.
When someone with ADHD matures beyond the years...

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...l subjects will receive ADHD treatment free of charge. This includes any medical costs involved with testing, and medication.

Brief Expectation of Trial Results
Because of the past results of trials done by Dr. Safren and Dr. Biederman and their teams at Mass General Hospital, I expect the results to show a direct correlation between an improvement in ADHD management and Emotional Self-Regulation.

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