Improving Quality Control For A Company Essay

Improving Quality Control For A Company Essay

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Quality plays a major role in the product operations of a company. Consumers expect to receive a certain level of quality in a product they are buying. Through this paper, quality will be described and the issues that can arise from it, as well as the processes to manage quality control for a company.

Consumers are looking at different qualities of a product or service when they buy it from a company. The quality of a product has been broken down into 8 dimensions by David Garvin (Bozarth 108). The following dimensions are described below:
Performance: Basic operations of product or service
Features: Extra characteristics beyond basic operating characteristics
Reliability: How long a product can go between a need for maintenance
Durability: Useful life of the product
Conformance: Can the product perform to specifications
Aesthetics: How product appeals to the senses
Serviceability: Is it easy to maintain the product or service
Perceived quality: The reputation of the product or service

One of the main business processes within the operations management to control quality of their products is Total Quality Management (TQM). It is the process that aims for the product to meet all expected quality dimensions in the best way possible. TQM in itself has its own principles to follow when implementing it in the organization.

The first of the principles is customer focus which requires the employees to be willing to see themselves from the customer 's viewpoint. The second of the principles is leadership involvement. Like any organizational process, it is essential for leaders to be directly involved for the quality management to be successful. If managers start implementing the need for quality to be at its highest, it will foll...

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...ovide an outline for Six Sigma which takes those processes of TQM and gives specific actions and tools so the vision can be carried out. So while Total Quality Management focuses on improving the already existing quality, Six Sigma is focusing on lowering the defects of quality. TQM is controlled and enacted by managers in the company and Six Sigma is used by certified members of the community. The Six Sigma experts are ranked in terms of colored belts with master black belt being the highest certification to carry out roles of the Six Sigma change implementation. Six Sigma works best in situations that are quantifiable with measurable results. As compared to TQM that can be used effectively in situations without knowing a preplanned outline of the project, Six Sigma works more effectively if all goals are defined regarding the benefits and set targets of the change.

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