Improving Performance For Future Career Development Essay

Improving Performance For Future Career Development Essay

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The purpose of the report is to meet work objectives to improve performance for future career development with realistic personal development plan that fits with our own preferred learning styles. Developing professional practice focus on the importance of continuous personal and professional development through self learning and reflection enables to enhance the skills required for their professional as well as personal effective management. Report enables to identify the personal swot analysis accordance with chosen career and to make a personal development plan to work out to achieve the career skills.

Explanation on the key skills required for chosen career

A business is nothing without a customer which is the foundation of its success. Considering customers needs through marketing strategy ensure the company to meet satisfaction and increase a long term goal of success. It is the customer which plays a vital role in developing a product that comes to market. Developing a long term relationship with customer can give wide range of sales opportunities if the company has effective relationship manager. Any organisations that are committed to their customers would develop widespread business skills throughout their sector. People working with relationship management has tasked with various features as seeking out relationships or devoting a valuable existing customer, networking is always a big factor to keep wealthy clients and to get necessary feedback to ensure the customer needs.

Entry level position: Customer Relationship Management
Purpose of Job
Customer relationship manager is a role which develops customer facing skills, which able to convey information clearly means English qualification should requi...

... middle of paper ...

...nisations mainly with the marketing department controllers such as social media, PR, and email managers.
• They should explain complexities of data to make customer perception.
• They should be able to own and handle a constant scheme and campaigns, arranging strategy for revenue benefits.
• To succeed in this field, manager should be highly motivated and understand the team culture. People management, logical and technical skills are needed to bring in this role.

Skills need for customer relationship manager
• Unique relationship building skills.
• The aptitude to work with different department’s staff along with service delivery, marketing, sales etc.
• A strong knowledge of budgeting and forecasting.
• Technically literate.
• Good presentation skills.
• Clear and fluent English language.
• Educated to degree level or equivalent.
• Able to multi task
• Flexible

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