Improving Organisational Performance Essay

Improving Organisational Performance Essay

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Business Excellence can be defined as “excellence in strategies, business practices, and stakeholder-related performance results that have been validated by assessments based on specific models proven to support the challenging journey towards excellence”. (Ionică et al 2010)
The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the relevance of Business Improvement/Excellence in the role of Business Improvement Manager within organisational context. To examine the possible benefits and/or likely inhibitors that exist, and make a concluding statement on the current and future relevance.
Business Improvement within a Business Improvement Manager Role and the Organisation
“Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to organisational and project activities to achieve the aims of an organisation through projects” (PMI, 2003).
As a Business Improvement Manager the aim is to drive implementations strategically, with top management visibility and the use of consistent and standardised project management practices and to deploy these competencies with the goal of maximising organisational value. There is an opportunity in the delivery of projects for organisations to add value to better serve their clients and compete in the marketplace. To use the influence of relationships to have active and engaged sponsors who serve as advocates for project initiatives that lead the organisational change towards business excellence.
The change management foundation model “requires leadership to set direction, project management to take care of technical aspects of change and people to implement the change, cited in Vora (2013). Within the business improvement role establishing key success measures that ...

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