Improving Management Of Our Roadways With Vegetation Essay

Improving Management Of Our Roadways With Vegetation Essay

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I have a question, why aren’t all of our roadsides filled with vegetation? In my recent experiences during a 24 hour road-trip, I was provoked to ask this question. Driving 1500 miles south to Texas, I was surprised to find that there were many areas of concrete medians, sandy shoulders, dirty ditches, and so on. And this was just one highway going across America. I can’t fathom how many miles of total roads are in this country. The main problem I am researching is carbon sequestration. I believe that improving management of our roadways with vegetation can help mitigate the effects of climate change due to CO2 in the air.

This issue is going involve interdisciplinary professionals associated with science, policy, management, forestry, and more. I believe the first step in addressing this issue would be finding the species of plant that would be most effective. The goal is to store as much carbon as possible while looking for the plants that do not need a lot of care or water. What species is going to be most cost-effective for making this a nationwide program? Will different species suit different regions better? Scientists will also need to investigate driver safety associated with more vegetation along roadways, this whole idea means little if it interferes with safety. I would also be curious to see if trees would work better, or shrubs? Maybe it will be a certain type of grass that is most effective. Alongside finding a species the issue of invasive species comes about, so I believe it would be best to choose from a criterion of vegetation that is native to the regions. My training in science classes like biology, chemistry, and anthropology lead me to pondering these aspects from a scientific perspective. Afte...

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...arbon emissions, just by using land already federally owned and managed it can make a difference. This will be a small, but impactful way to mitigate climate change. I could not find much research out there on this subject. I believe my training and experiences at UMN have set me up to be involved in the research for this project. With a track in Conservation and Resource Management, I could be a part of the hard science or the management of this project. Classes such as integrated problem solving, economics, management, policy, biology, and more have positioned me to be involved with projects like this. Future classes with strengthen my knowledge and give me more experience in this field. After this semester, I believe I have a better grasp on the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the efforts required to come to solutions for environmental problems.

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