Improving Justice for Transgendered People Essay

Improving Justice for Transgendered People Essay

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There are many misconceptions and surrounding what it means to be a transgendered person. Some may assume that transgendered people are just confused, that perhaps a “butch” woman got pushed over the edge – or the same for a flamboyant man. But this is not so, once you consider all the diversity of trans people as a whole – there are feminine transgender men, as are there masculine transgender women. The stereotype for trans men or women, as it were, is usually highly inaccurate. A transgendered person is simply someone whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional male or female gender. Over the year of 2012, over 221 trans people over the world were killed in violent and radical hate crimes. Over half of these people lived in North America, and had there been more laws set in place to protect those people who are transgender and their rights, their deaths could have been prevented (“All Reported Murders”). More laws protecting the rights of trans people would do many things to benefit the people of the US, and not just transgender people – the acceptability of people who are transgender would lessen gender stereotypes; the many hate crimes that are committed every year against transgender people would rapidly deteriorate; and the exclusion and rejection of transgender people in customer service or in the application of jobs due to their gender identity would be illegal, and therefore practically extinct.
Gender stereotypes are linked to the misconception in one’s mind that a person that is deemed “female” should act one way and one way only, while those deemed “male” should act a different way. The truth is, though, that we are not our genders – we are people who can very easily sway one way or the oth...

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