Essay about Improving Healthcare Quality Of Health Care

Essay about Improving Healthcare Quality Of Health Care

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The growing demand for quality and affordability in healthcare has peaked in the United
States in the recent years. The purpose of today’s health care is to manage costs while
improving healthcare quality outcomes and patient satisfaction. To adapt the efforts towards
improving the quality of care, it is important to begin by defining quality. Quality is purposed by
the care experienced by patients, family members, and the general public; in addition to, the
safety of care, effectiveness of care, availability and accessibility of care, and the environment
(Horne, 2014).
When it comes to the debate on the improvement of health care in the United States;
the anticipated discussion circles around the two rational importance quality and cost.
Consumers often view price as the alternative for quality, in the philosophical sense of “you get
what you pay for” which has been a sheer iconic perspective on our culture. Many consumers
continue to believe that the quality and price of health care are merely integrated; in reality,
consumers are entirely uninformed of price prior to purchase.
With the cost of care rising and consumers demanding care; we must look to stipulate
an effective and clear method for cost and quality reporting in health care (Nickitas, 2013).
These rational factors threaten the quality of care patients receive and neither are acceptable
nor sustainable (Wylie et al., 2015). Across the array of health care, health analysts signified
that in 2006 around $2.1 trillion were spent on health care, which reflects to over $7,000 per
person (Wakefield, 2008). In accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
(CMS) healthcare spending is marketed to reach nearly $5 trillion in America, or 20 percent of
gross dom...

... middle of paper ...

...further understand the impact of health care quality and cost
in our communities. It is important to further understand the relationship between the cost
factors towards quality care. This study will aim to determine statistical significance of health
care cost and quality while adjusting for determinants of ethnicity, income, job status, and type
of healthcare providers. The proposed question will seek to better understand the impact
towards the quality and cost of health care in the United States in the general public. In
relations to; will the effect of higher expenditures result in better quality care, or will quality
care outcomes help to control costs? It is not possible to determine the accuracy amongst the
gathered samples of the population towards the population of America, but a general overview
will be noted on the issues that can affect America as a whole.

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