Improving Education through Cultural Diversity Essays

Improving Education through Cultural Diversity Essays

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In today’s society, cultural diversity is important as it was many centuries ago. According to dictionary, cultural diversity is the coexistence of different culture, ethnic, race, gender in one specific unit. In order, for America to be successful, our world must be a multicultural world. This existence starts within our learning facilities where our students and children are educated. This thesis is “changing the way America, sees education through cultural diversity, has been co existing in many countries across the world. These changes begin in any learning environment; where our families, friends, children and students would learn how to appreciate different cultures and use it wisely to achieve. This thesis promoted diversity, by interacting cultures and education; the importance of cultural diversity will have a great impact on education.

Improving Education through Cultural Diversity
Education materials and resources in our classrooms have change throughout centuries. In the past students learn about the Cold War, World War I and World War II. In today’s society students are interested about what is taken place in the world today. Students’ political views were not based on what happen in 1800’s; it was concerns and views about our current war, the Afghanistan War. Students want to learn about current problems and issues around the world, that will help promote culture diversity. Increasing culture diversity promotes growth and success in many ways for the United States. Promoting this growth comes with understanding cultural diversity and its awareness. Having culture awareness helps understand the traditions and core values of other cultures (Brown, Ratcliff, 1998). The learning process involves u...

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...h this change in our learning environment American will improve the world through cultural diversity.

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