Improving Communication Throughout the Workplace Essay

Improving Communication Throughout the Workplace Essay

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Improving Communication Throughout The Work Place

In order for a company to function properly there has to be good communication, and great leadership. Putting in place proper leadership throughout each work shift to ensure that critical information is relayed to all employees, responsibilities are met on each shift, and profitable growth throughout the company. When analyzing issues within corporate enterprises it is important to observe communication and leadership as well as the ability to effectively plan and organize. When leadership has been properly placed, there leaves no room for error. Communication becomes more fluent between employees, lower and higher management. More employee obligations can be met once everybody involved is on the same page. Therefore with employee obligations being met, both lower and higher management are able to satisfy company goals while at the same time upholding morals and values. Currently at my place of employment we are going through a very tough time due to us coming off our major audit of the year, which certifies us to distribute our products to major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Food Lion. Due to our poor score the executive management team is really putting the pressure on us. They have begun enforcing old rules due to the failures of this years audit, such as eating and drinking on heavy machinery, use of cell phones on the floor, and cleanliness of work areas. Last week corrective action was handed down to four employees working on second shift who were found in violation of company policies. Since certain policies were not always enforced before now, the four employees have become very irate over the disciplinary action taken. I feel that if second and third shift had...

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...n local businesses that sells our products out a vending machines. Salespeople can extract market intelligence and ensure that it is communicated to the product development, operations, and service departments Profitable growth truly is everyone's concern, not something that is sole responsibility of the executive management team. Every employee no matter what their job description is a key factor in boosting the revenue of the company.
After reading my paper I hope that you have gained a better understanding of what goes in the workplace of many workplaces throughout America. No matter where you go there is always going to be a lack of communication and leadership within the workplace which results in vital information being handed down to employees, employees not meeting their duties, and also a profitable growth which can take the company to the next level.

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