Improving Communication Between Parents And School Administrator Essay

Improving Communication Between Parents And School Administrator Essay

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Participants showed a concerned of the lack of involvement from parents due to different factors. They suggested that school need to improve communication between parents and school administrator. Additionally, parents requested more meetings times, after school programs and bullying and dug prevention programs to enhance students’ academic success.

Students’ involvement

The participants talked a lot about the importance of students’ involvement and how this is essential for their kids to do well academically and stay out of trouble. Students’ Involvement theme includes factors such as students’ initiative, need for extracurricular, and lack of involvement. Some parents mentioned that their children were not involved in any sport or extra curricular activities because they could not simply afford it.

95% of the students attending WCW Middle School have social economic disadvantages (Will C. Wood Accountability Report Card, 2013-2014). As this parent affirmed:

They have some after school like football or whatever and stuff but umm.. my son goes to the recreation center. We can’t afford it or can’t be involved in it because it’s a big responsibility to having your kids do sports and I will end up being a team mom and that’s another responsibility (laughs). He does go to boys and girls club, which is right up the street. They have a shuttle that comes pick up the kids and it isn’t very expensive either.

One of the parents stated that she would like the school to offer more academic program outside of class:

Other programs that will help motivate the students to get better grades that she’s aware that she’s heard that other schools have different programs that help children get motivated and become more involved and that ...

... middle of paper ...

...le school has to keep their students safe. However, they believe anti-bullying and anti-drug prevention workshops are critical to reduce peer harassment and the use of any type of drug. These findings can help school administrators to create prevention programs to reduce future bullying, and other unacceptable behaviors at school.

This study was primarily limited by the lack of gender role. All the ten participants were females. An earlier collection of the data would have increased the number of males’ participants. Another limitation of this study might be that parents were not able to remember experiences or events that could have been significant for our finding. Future studies should include females and males for the data collection, and researchers should analyze interviews from different middles schools to capture other parents’ perspective and experiences.

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