Improvements on Civil War Weaponry

Improvements on Civil War Weaponry

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Civil War Weaponry
The Civil War was a bad experience for the country, but there were many improvements in weaponry during this era. Some improvements like the Henry rifle was one of the first lever action breech loading rifles. This allowed quicker reloading of the gun. Other than the Henry rifle, soldiers started using pre loaded brass shells which were also a big improvement compared to hand reloading like with the musket. Not only were guns being improved, they also made upgrades in cannons and not so much in bayonets. Because of the use of all these new weapons, the war was much bloodier than previous wars.
The Henry rifle is a rifle that has a high magazine that uses a .44 caliber rimfire with 26 or 28 grains of blackpowder (Henry rifle. (2014, March 10). Retrieved from wikipedia). This gun was made in the year 1860 and used during the American Civil War through 1866. The Henry rifle can hold 16 rounds and is a breech loading lever action rifle. It can shoot an average of 28 rounds per minute (Henry rifle. (2014, March 10). Retrieved from wikipedia). The length of the rifle is 44 ¾ inches (Henry rifle. (2014, March 10). Retrieved from wikipedia). What makes the Henry rifle inferior to the Spencer rifle is that this gun doesn’t have a grip or anything to grab onto. Another reason is because the gun uses black powder and the barrel can overheat quickly (Henry rifle. (2014, March 10). Retrieved from wikipedia). This defect generally gave the person using it burns on the hand. The burns can get worse if used for longer time, so most of the people who used it wore a glove on their hand (Henry rifle. (2014, March 10). Retrieved from wikipedia)
The Lemat revolver, pictured above, was a popular pistol among southerners and confederates during the Civil War (Lemat revolver. (2014, January 27). Retrieved from wikipedia). ‘’This gun has a nine round magazine and has a barrel that holds a 20ga round birdshot’’ (Lemat revolver. (2014, January 27). Retrieved from wikipedia). Many of the famous generals used it, which made it more popular. ‘’They only made about 2,900 Lemat pistols’’ (Lemat revolver. (2014, January 27). Retrieved from wikipedia). ‘’This gun was used through 1861-65 and was made from 1856 to 1865’’ (Lemat revolver. (2014, January 27). Retrieved from wikipedia). After the war, they stopped production of this weapon.

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The Colt Navy, one of the most popular pistols in the 1800’s, was a very famous gun produced by the Colt company. The company still makes very good weapons today, but some are not the same design as they were in the 1800’s (Colt navy. (2014, February 4). Retrieved from wikipedia). It is a single action pistol, and it requires the user to pull the lever back before fired (Colt navy. (2014, February 4). Retrieved from wikipedia). The length of the ‘’Colt Navy is 13 inches and it was made from 1850 through 1873’’ (Colt navy. (2014, February 4). Retrieved from wikipedia).
Another great weapon used in the war was the Spencer rifle. This weapon was a very popular weapon among both sides of the Civil War ( Spencer rifle. (20, February 5). Retrieved from wikipedia). This was a standard weapon for both sides of the war, the union and confederate. The weapon was not as fast of a shot as the Henry rifle, ‘’but this gun was more efficient at reloading and the barrel doesn’t overheat’’ (Spencer rifle. (20, February 5). Retrieved from wikipedia). This gun used ‘’.52 rounds with a shell that is a .56 spencer rimfire’’ (Spencer rifle. (20, February 5). Retrieved from wikipedia).
There were other types of guns like the Gatling gun, which was one of the first rapid fire weapons of its time (Gatling gun. (2014, March 18). in wikipedia. Retrieved from wikipedia). ‘’This gun used a .58 caliber bullet’’ (Gatling gun. (2014, March 18). in wikipedia. Retrieved from wikipedia). The US army did not use these until later on as an official weapon. Once it was used, both sides of the Civil War had them (Gatling gun. (2014, March 18). in wikipedia. Retrieved from wikipedia). Because this gun wasn't able to be hand held, it had to be put on ships or moved around on wheels (Gatling gun. (2014, March 18). in wikipedia. Retrieved from wikipedia). ‘’Unlike other guns, it had a bullet magazine so it did not have to be constantly reloaded manually’’ (Gatling gun. (2014, March 18). in wikipedia. Retrieved from wikipedia).
The colt dragoon,This weapon is the model that based of for the colt navy on of the most famous pistol of the 1800s. this model was a heavy than the colt navy(6) because they designed the navy to be lighter than the dragoon but its a tougher model built to last you a long time. this gun uses a ‘’.44 ball and it weighs an average of 4 pounds and 4 ounces’’(Colt dragoon. (2014, February 9). Retrieved from wikipedia). The gun is has a length of a 14.75 inches(Colt dragoon. (2014, February 9). Retrieved from wikipedia) and has a six round cylinder. They built a average of 18500 model of this weapon and it was a single action(Colt dragoon. (2014, February 9). Retrieved from wikipedia).
These guns are very good improvements of the era, but the new technology caused wars to be much bloodier. Such guns like the Gatling gun and the Spencer rifle were the greater improvements. Other weapons like the Henry rifle and the Lemat revolver weren't as good of improvements during the war, but they did their job. New weapons during the American Civil War made huge improvements in warfare, hunting, and other situations in years to come.

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