Improved Occupational Therapy for Adults with Learning Disabilities Essay

Improved Occupational Therapy for Adults with Learning Disabilities Essay

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Occupational Therapists perceive people, without discrimination, as active and creative “occupational beings” who crave engagement in activities of daily living, sequentially to maintain not merely their health but their wellbeing (COT, 2010). Occupation is a channel which directs people to better social inclusion, which in turn can result in dignity, independence, and social contribution (Waddell and Aylward, 2005) and one of the core foundations of Occupational Therapy is the necessity and value of occupations and re-engagement in occupation as an essential intervention (Ross, 2007a). Occupational Therapists who work with adults with different severities of learning disabilities experience difficulty with their everyday occupations, or activities of daily living (ADLs) and have both a clinical and a consultancy role (Lillywhite and Haines, 2010). People with a learning disability are a diverse group, and the severity of their condition can inhibit their abilities and independence (Cumella, 2013). But, how can Occupational Therapists use their professional skills to help those adults with a learning disability? How can these healthcare professionals promote their independence at home? This piece will look at the contribution of an Occupational Therapist giving an adult with a learning disability as much independence in their own locality.
Creek (2009) states that a healthy person is able to perform their daily occupations effectively and is capable of responding accordingly to any changes in their activities. For adults with a learning disability it can be incredibly challenging to carry out their ADLs effectively or ev...

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