Essay on Improper Diet And Exercise Habits At Umd

Essay on Improper Diet And Exercise Habits At Umd

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There are few existing efforts to help tackle the issue of improper diet and exercise habits at UMD, however they remain unknown to an overwhelming majority of students based on our survey data. These current efforts include a school nutritionist, online nutrition course, and fitness classes at the recreational center. These courses encapsulate the overarching goal of improving nutritional and exercise habits in college students, but are often overlooked due to the inaccessibility of the options.

While there are existing efforts to help students achieve a more nutritious diet along with increased physical activity, it would be beneficial to explore other ways to positively influence students. Our recommendation is to develop both a nutritional and exercise guide to help students learn about how to eat healthy and exercise properly.

There are many key benefits to developing and promoting an informational guide. Students would have quick access to the guides as it could easily fold into their pockets and they would also be available online. The guides would be an ideal medium to spread our information as they are easy to distribute and can fit extensive information neatly. There would be two separate guides created, and each one would be tailored to UMD specifically. The first guide will go over our recommendations and facts related to exercise, while the other will do the same for nutrition.

Regarding the exercise informational guide, it would be distributed to students in Oakland Hall and detail three key components. The first component would be an explanation of the purpose of the guide as well as a short analysis of the widespread problem of the lack of exercise in college campuses. It will elaborate on why students shou...

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...nducting our own surveys, we found that a majority of college students do not get enough exercise or proper nutrition. It is crucial to develop these strong habits in college, because they can persist down the road and lead to serious health issues. We hope that our proposal raises awareness of the problem and offers a solution that students residing in Oakland Hall can use to improve their overall health. Our pamphlets and lobby event will equip students with the tools necessary to actively focus on their nutrition and physical activity. The larger goal is to spark university-wide reform by using Oakland Hall as a proof of concept. Through word of mouth and potential events in other residence halls, we can impact the lives of students across campus. Our proposal aims to work towards the larger goal of improving the dietary and exercise habits of students nationwide.

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