Imprisoned for Love Essay

Imprisoned for Love Essay

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Robbie has been falsely accused and imprisoned and Cecilia has abandoned the family altogether to prove her enduring love for him. After three years Robbie leaves prison to join the army and exonerate himself for the crime he never committed. Briony does not go on to Cambridge but instead becomes a lowly, nameless nurse performing monotonous tasks like cleaning bedpans and tidying wards under the rule of a tyrannical nurse. Once the war moves closer to London she can be found taking care of Robbie by proxy through the nameless soldiers that are hospitalized daily, maimed and dying. She is paying penance but curiously she never asks for forgiveness from those she loves who could give it to her, Cecilia and Robbie. She continues on in this state of moving passively through life unable to forgive herself but also unable to ask for forgiveness.
When we see Briony as an elderly woman it seems she has regained her status once again. She is living in a beautiful apartment, she is no longer a nameless nurse but an accomplished writer and has been both married and widowed. She is still stru...

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