Essay about The Impressionism Period For The Longest Time

Essay about The Impressionism Period For The Longest Time

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The Impressionism period for the longest time was considered to be the first distinctly modern movement in painting. The Impression period first started in Paris in the 1860s and its influence spread throughout all of Europe and eventually made it’s way to the United States. The originators of this time period were artists who rejected the official; government subsidized exhibitions, or what the French would call, “salons”, and they were consequently shunned away by powerful academic art institutions such as the, “Acedémie des Beaux Arts" (Academy of Fine Arts). Removing themselves from the fine finish and details to which most artists of their day aspired, the Impressionists during this time, their goal was to capture the momentary, sensory effect of a scene. Impressionist works represent an attempt to capture a fleeting moment by conveying the elusiveness and impermanence of images. They wanted to capture the impression objects made on the eye. To be able to achieve this effect, many Impressionist artists moved from their small studios to the streets and the countryside, painting en plein-air.
Among these impressionists, is Claude Monet and he is perhaps the most commonly known of the Impressionists. Claude Monet is known for his mastery of natural light and painted several different times of the day in an attempt to capture changing conditions of the environment. Monet tended to paint simple impressions or subtle hints of his subjects, by using very soft brushstrokes and unmixed colors to create a more natural vibrating effect, as if nature itself was alive on the canvas. One technique that is identifiable from Monet is the “wet-on-wet” technique. Monet did not wait for paint to dry before applying layers upon layers. These lay...

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...orchestra accompanies the violin soloist with tremolo and he also used Arpeggiated figures in which entailed playing chords one note at a time instead of together. Debussy used this technique to help create a “shimmering” effect similar to that was created by the impressionist painters. Debussy was also known at the time as being a rebel with his music, because he followed no composition technique and his chords were distinctive and new. Debussy avoided traditional tension-resolution chord progressions, opting instead for new chords created primarily for their sound rather than their function. Debussy would use exotic scales such as the pentatonic (five note) scale as well as unresolved dissonances amongst other techniques in his compositions. Debussy 's works were often based on visual images, with titles such as Nuages (Clouds), La Mer (The Sea) and Voiles (Sails).

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