The Importantce of Students Attending Their Classes Essay

The Importantce of Students Attending Their Classes Essay

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Educators agree that absenteeism plays an important factor in performance of students in school. Parents, school, the community, and policy makers should find ways to encourage pupils’ attendance. Much research is still needed as to why student absenteeism is an issue. As student attendance decreases, educational goals are affected, student performance decreases, and there is an impact on the overall community. There are many factors impacting a student’s education, including family life, community safety, and public health. Where there is much support in these areas, student attendance increases; where there is a lack of support, attendance drops. I am researching whether there is a connection between absenteeism and performance in school.
I have worked for five years in a high school as a chemistry teacher and I have seen a huge number of absenteeism daily over this time. As a high school educator, one should determine cases of absenteeism in school. In my experience in science class there is a clear and stable relationship between attendance and performance. In m...

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