Essay on Important Role Of Human Resource Management

Essay on Important Role Of Human Resource Management

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In this essay I will be analyzing 3 important roles of Human Resource. I will be taking into consideration Training and Development, Recruiting and Selection and Motivation. Human resource is a department in an organization which makes a huge impact. They are the ones with whom all the employees come in contact first. Human resource management is changing in a dramatic way in the 21st century. The ways in which the processes are being carried out are very different than what it was in the past 15 years.

Training and Development
Training and Development is one the key attribute that the human resource manager has to have these days. Most of the organizations have a certain number of hours that they need to achieve every year for the employee training. This is required because of the pace at which globalization is taking place and the new changes in technology which happen every day, make the employees deskilled in whatever work they are doing. Training should be given by keeping in mind both the achievable employee goals as well as the organizational mission. Organizations spend a lot of money on these training sessions keeping in mind that it will give them leverage in the world market.
There is a difference in training and development. Most people take them as a single role. Training keeps its focus on the current needs of the employees or the competencies which are faced by them and development deals with the preparation of people for further responsibilities and assignments.
Technically training should be given only after a thorough need analysis is conducted and the problem is identified. The training should target certain competencies and should be taken in a good learning atmosphere. Hospitality being a service industry al...

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...king together in the organization. Every person’s goal is different from each other, some might want just to get experience, some might need monetary gains, other might want to climb up the hierarchy and get to the management position.
Training should be given to every person keeping in mind the goals, mission of the organization. As (Kirkpatrick, 1998) states there are four levels of evaluating training programs (i) Reaction (ii) Learning (iii) Behavioral Change and (iv) Impact to Organization. “Cultural differences are linked to organizational structures and stereotypes rather than actual clash of cultures” (D 'Annunzio-Green).

Recruitment and Selection
This is another key feature which the human resource manager has to complete. This includes the hiring of the exact candidate for the right job. It also includes taking the right number of candidates for the job.

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