Important Qualities That A Therapist Should Have Are Empathic And Great Listening Skills

Important Qualities That A Therapist Should Have Are Empathic And Great Listening Skills

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Being a therapist is not only sitting in a chair listening to your clients’ problems all day. It is also not “reading-minds” as many people think and it is not giving advice or solving each clients’ issue. Therapists have many qualities that define the effectiveness of their treatment and their competence in the field. The important qualities that a therapist should have are empathic and great listening skills. In addition to, the therapist must be knowledge in their skills and in the different mental disorders in order to prevent a misdiagnosis. Furthermore, the therapist should have other qualities such as interpersonal skills and the ability to build rapport with the clients so they can feel secure and continue to come to therapy.
When working with different clients, each individual have different needs. Hence, the interaction that I would use would be both indirect and direct, depending on the client. Some clients need direct guidance, while others understand what they need to do. A therapist should not try to be superior to the client or all knowing. The client should feel equal and comfortable enough to communicate their concerns.
Taking on an existential and humanistic view in therapy can be more helpful for clients. Humanistic psychology focuses on each individual having control over his or her decisions. Humanistic therapists believe that we are all humans and it helps clients determine, “whether what they are doing and thinking is getting them what they want from life” (Corey, 2013, p. 183). Furthermore, taking an existential view in therapy can also help the clients understand that their problems or concerns can be caused by isolation, responsibility, or lack of freedom in their lives. Existential and Humanistic ps...

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... lives; hence allowing them to control the session while providing guidance will help the client solve their issue. However, sometimes, through all the guidance and insight that a therapist can provide some clients may not agree with the therapeutic orientation. Therefore, I will refer the client to another therapist as a last resort when all my methods have failed to help the client.
Overall, sometimes a client may continue to come to session even though they are not working through the session. I believe that a client still has faith that the therapist can help if they continue to come even if they do not make any changes or progress. When this occurs, I think I would change my theoretic approach to something else that may better benefit the client. Lastly, talking to the client about what they want out of therapy may also promote the client towards change.

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