Essay on Important Figures in Art History

Essay on Important Figures in Art History

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The human experienced thousands and millions of conflicts and violence during whole history of mankind. Some of them included massacre with wars and battles and many people suffered through the violence. Sadly, there are so many conflicts and violence all over the world. Ground-zero from 9.11 which now became one of the most famous tourist attractions is a good example for this idea. Consequently, people of the world tried to pursue the peace and security for themselves and they tried to express their hope with various ways, such as music, movies, artworks, architecture, and so on. Moreover, the hope for peace by people over the world transcended the time and location so we can find many evidences from anywhere and anytime. In Art History class with Professor Meyer, we could learn many artistic works since prehistoric era to Gothic, and we believe there are many artworks which represent the people’s prior hope, “Peace”.

Gordon Chang (Chapter 1 & Chapter 13)
First of all, I sure believe that artworks from prehistoric period show the basic instincts of human. In other words, the prehistoric arts have no imprisonment with human’s selfish interests and desires. To tell the truth, most people in history always tried to enjoy their selfish interests and desires through many negative ways, such as wars. It is sure to say human’s greed and selfishness bring a lot of violence and conflicts so they harm the security and peace of mankind. However, in prehistory, people used to focus on primitive instinct rather than selfish greed. Some people might say the prehistoric era is non-civilized period with chaos, but I do not think so. Of course they never experienced highly qualified civilization or industrial revolution, but they sure maintaine...

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... Roman Empire that it represented Empire of peace, people revived its turbulent situation by believing in gods.

The world is being changed through the time periods. It is common that the world went through conflict and violence. Also, in ancient history, each period overcame such sudden changes by managing its discipline to maintain peace and security. Thus, from the art works throughout each period, people can find its effort of managing the turbulences. Such as architectures from whole chapters that we have mentioned in above are showing their successful achievement by assigning their meaning of peace and security in each culture. The effort of tightening discipline in ancient history is being repeated until now. Therefore, it can be said that the achievement in ancient history allowed development in peaceful world and securities in modern society.

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