Essay about Important Elements Of The Drafting Process

Essay about Important Elements Of The Drafting Process

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There are many important elements that are critical to creating a well-written paper. It is important for all writers to have a good understanding of these key learning goals. By the end of English Composition I at The University of Akron, all students should learn to the best of their ability, how to use these goals when writing. The drafting process, good paper structure, audience, constructing a thesis, using outside materials, analyzing, and using proper grammar are the goals that I developed in my writings throughout the semester. Most of these goals I believe I improved on tremendously, other goals I think I could use more practice. These writing elements are all very helpful in a writer’s process of creating a good paper.
It is extremely important for writers to learn the proper use of the many different writing elements. The drafting process, one of the most important writing aspects, is when a writer makes multiple drafts of a paper in order to make changes and fix mistakes throughout the writing. This step is one of the most important because proofreading my paper assures that I will catch errors and gives me the chance to correct them before I turn in my final draft. This semester, my class participated in peer edits of each other’s papers before turning in the essays to the teacher. I found it extremely helpful when other’s evaluated and revised my writings because it gave me the chance to take multiple perspectives into consideration while editing my paper. In the rough draft of my essay titled Social Media and Depression, I was able to review my peer and teacher’s comments in order to bring my paper grade from a B to an A on my final draft. The drafting process also gives me the chance to make sure I am properly appl...

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... draft of Social Media and Depression was short and did not include everything that I discussed in my paper. I was able to elaborate on it in my final draft on page one. Creating a descriptive thesis plays a key role in constructing a well-written paper.
I have learned the importance of the key learning goals throughout the semester with much practice. Examples of what I learned are shown in my essays titled Social Media and Depression, as well as my paper on Robin Hood. I believe that I can refer to my essays from this class as notes to help improve my writing in the future. All writers should have knowledge about the important key learning goals in order to properly address them throughout writings. I have gained a better understanding of how to write a good paper, and have learned where I have room for improvement for future writings throughout my college career.

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