Important Court Case in American History: Marbury v. Madison Essay

Important Court Case in American History: Marbury v. Madison Essay

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Arguably the most important court case in American History, Marbury v. Madison was a revolutionary decision that set precedent unparalleled to any other court case. This case, which regarded the midnight appointment of Marbury, a justice, is more important for its effects than the actual ruling. It established the incredibly important judicial review; the Supreme Court’s power to declare acts of congress unconstitutional, and balanced the judicial branch with other branches.
Marbury v. Madison, the most important American court case, began with the election of 1800. Jefferson defeated Adams, the current president and a Federalist. Adams in return appointed 42 justices of peace and 16 new circuit court justices for the District of Columbia under the Organic Act on the last day of his presidency. Jefferson views these commissions as invalid since they were issued after Adams’ term expired. He ordered secretary of state James Madison not to deliver the appointments. Marbury, an appointee, thus petitioned the Supreme Court for a writ of mandamus, or legal order, ordering Madison to giv...

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