The Importance Of Writing Is Beneficial And A Source Of Strength Of A Person

The Importance Of Writing Is Beneficial And A Source Of Strength Of A Person

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The skill of writing is very beneficial and a source of strength of a person. It is good to improve the writing standards with the passage of time. It takes time, but gives positive results. Writing is a skill which uses lots of opportunities to express and describe our feelings and attitudes towards certain things. This skill of writing has more advantage in academic and as well as in professional life. It is a source or a mean through which a person has the opportunity to express personal experiences. In educational life, writing is a source of good grading in all fields and at the professional level, it increases the chances of promotion.
It is viewed that with the passage of time, improvement has taken place. We can improve certain things which we lack. The same thing happens to me. This course is beneficial for me because there are many things which are improved while working on this assignment. The most important point is that I am learning the fact that there is always a room for improvement even after the completion of an assignment. The things which we need to do after the completion of an assignment is to proofread the whole assignment.
Revising is very important because in this process, we become able to know about different lacking points in the assignment. The shape and structure of things are different when we analyze them at the individual level. However when we compel different points, it is necessary to make a logical link between information. Through the process of revising, it also becomes easy for the writer to see and analyze information in some logical manner. There must be a logical sequence and rhythm among the information. The final analysis gives the opportunity to structure the information in a se...

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...n on the memorable day of my life. The continuity of thoughts and the logical structure of the text show that I have learned the art of presenting information in an organized manner.
Another important point is that every text has a writing style. The use of specific writing style gives uniformity of formatting and references. While giving the reference in any standard format, it becomes easy for others to identify the primary as well as secondary sources used in the assignment. There is no formatting of two assignments named “Hollywood” and “The day my life has changed.” there is no page number and proper header or footer mention in these two assignments. There are certain other things which need to be improved. There is always a space of improvement in every task. Organization of information, formatting and proofreading is skills which improved during this semester.

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